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What is cPanel?

if you don't know what cPanel is, you're in the right spot here!

What is cPanel?
cPanel is a user-friendly and advanced graphical management panel for webhosting users. cPanel exists already for a long time and the possibilities with the interface are almost unlimited. You're able to see what space and data usage you used up in only one glance. You also have fast access to very advanced statistic programs. In that way, you have access to your MySQL databases, mail accounts or webmail and much more other settings.

What can I do whit cPanel?
With the cPanel webhosting platform, you can easily manage your webhosting packet. You can use the cPanel webhosting platform o. a. to create your e-mail accounts, mailing lists, but also to access your statistics, backups, the installation of scripts, accessing your webmail and the management of your MySQL databases.

Easy in use
The cPanel webhosting platform made by Xenomedia is easy to use. Thanks to the clear icons, video's, manuals and online settings accompaniment is the cPanel webhosting platform for everyone accessible. There's also English support available so that all information can be better understood.

Updated on: 21/01/2019

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