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How to create a database in cPanel?

To follow this article you need the information in the mail "Your cPanel webhosting information" which you received from us.
Login to cPanel with the credentials you received in our mail.
Click on op MySQL® Database Wizard.

Fill in the name for your database underneath step 1 and click next.
Fill in the name for your database user and give it a strong password. Click on 'create user'.
Select the permissions which are needed underneath step 3. You could find this in the documentation for the software you're going to use. Is the created user the head user for the database, you can select "ALL PRIVILEGES". This will grant the user all privileges available.
Click on next.
The database and corresponding user are now created.
DANGER: Imagine that your username, for example, is 'cpaneluser' and the database name is 'database1', then the database name you have to fill in in your application will be 'cpaneluser_database1'. This also applies for the database username.

Updated on: 21/01/2019

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