After ordering your Minecraft server at KaasHosting you will receive an e-mail with the subject: "Your CheeseHosting server data". This contains the login details for Vulcan that you need to follow this article.

Click on the icon next to your connection address under "Information". This copies the connection address.
Start up your Minecraft Launcher and select the version your server is on in the launcher and start it up.
Once you are in Minecraft click on "Play together" or "Multiplayer" and then on "Add server" or "Add server" to add your server to your server list.
Enter a name for your server under Server name (this can be anything) and at server address the copied IP of your Minecraft server and click Done.
Klik daarna dubbel op jouw juist toegevoegde server. Als het goed is join je deze nu. Mocht dit niet het geval zijn, kijk goed of jouw server aan staat, of je het goede IP hebt toegevoegd en of dat je op de goede versie zit.
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