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How do I disable Minecraft server packet notifications?

Does your server give notifications as below? Then debug mode is on your server.
[12:13:43 INFO]: Packet len 7 [/]
[12:13:43 INFO]: Packet '09' [/]
[12:13:43 INFO]: Challenge [/]
[12:13:43 INFO]: Packet len 15 [/]
[12:13:43 INFO]: Packet '00' [/]

Follow the instructions to turn it off.

Login to our Vulcan customer environment and go to your server. Click here to login!
Click on "Files" in the horizontal bar on top.
Click on the "" file to adjust it.
Search for the line with "debug" and change "true" to "false". Then press 'save' to save the changes.

Restart your server. Debug is now disabled.

Updated on: 04/11/2019

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