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How does the task manager work?

The task type "Send command" is for all commands that can be executed by the console. It may therefore be that some commands can not be executed since they can only be executed by a player.
The task type "Send power option" is literally for the power options. The power options are: "start", "stop" and "restart". So for starting your server, shutting down your server and restarting your server.
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Navigate to the server where you want to configure the task manager.
Navigate to 'Tasks' in the menu.
Press the 'Create New Task' button.
Select when you want to have this task performed. Do you want to have it run every day of the week, or every hour for example? Then select your days with your shift button. In the example, we state that the server performs the task every day at 2 a.m.
Select which type of task you want to perform in the 'Task Type' box. In the example we have selected a power task.
Fill in the task that you want to have completed at the 'Task Payload' box. In the example we have filled in the power task "restart" so that the server will restart at the configured time.
When you have configured everything as desired press the 'Create Task' button to create the task.

Do you want to delete the task? Then you can do this by clicking on the 'Delete' button in the task menu.

Updated on: 16/01/2020

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