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How do I make a screenshot?

Sometimes it is useful to just make an image of something on your screen. It's called creating a print screen or a screenshot.

Press the Print Screen key on your keyboard.
Pressing this button creates a print screen of the entire screen, which is placed on the Windows Clipboard. Things that are placed on the Clipboard by Windows can be copied to another app, for example.
We will do that. The standard app for editing images in Windows is traditionally the app Paint. Open this program.
Once you have started the app Paint and then press the key combination Ctrl + V (Paste) then the newly created print screen will become visible and you can start editing on the print screen, for example save as a file on the computer.
To do this, press the key combination Ctrl + S (Save). Then double click on the folder where you want to save the print screen (for example Images), give the print screen a suitable name and click on the Save button.

Updated on: 03/01/2019

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